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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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Why Are Cats And Dogs THAT Different From Each Other? (13 pics)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

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Those Are Some… Unconventional Ways To Wrap Your Christmas Presents (15 pics )

Is that the family cat or just an iTunes gift card?

The good news is you got a bottle of liquor. The bad news is you can't drink it.

I can't even get through one of these, much less 40 of them!

Imagine unwrapping this, only to find a box of rubber bands inside.

Some people are so creative. I can hardly wrap a simple box, while this person made a couple of t-shirts and some soap look like a guitar.

Well, Santa didn't visit, but Jesus was definitely here.

They'll be lucky to get this thing open by next Christmas.

Oh man. Something tells me tears were involved here.

"My name is Sally and I want to be your best friend FOREVER."

At least it wasn't a lie?

Absolutely sick. I'd do just about anything for a glass of wine except touch that sock.

You tried.

What kind of fresh hell is this?!

Honestly, I'm not sure I could unwrap this one. A giant Santa with a cotton ball beard is pretty awesome.

I hope the present was as fun as this wrapping job!

Friday, December 16, 2016

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She Literally Stopped Sticking Her Neck Out. The Neck-Rings Of Giraffe Woman Are No More (26 pics)

For the last five years, Sydney Smith, was carrying bronze rings on her neck, trying to extend her neck. It was inspired not only by tribeswoman of Thailand, but also by her favorite animals – giraffes. Starting with only two rings, after over half a decade she went up to 15 rings, which finally became too much for her to bear. She says, that maybe in a quiet atmosphere of Thai village it would be possible to strive for the longest neck record, but for a 30-year old woman, living in Los Angeles it’s a question of isolation. Although, doctors were very afraid for her health, they were amazed just how fast her neck stabilized and came back to normal, although it was very weak at the beginning. Sydney enjoys more attention from men now, due to her beautiful long neck being an up-hand, as she believes. She still sometimes wears the rings, only now it’s just for fun.

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