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Monday, June 6, 2016

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Guy Transformed His Jeep Into A Moving House To Travel Around Africa (43 pics)

A guy named Dan turned his 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (4 door) Rubicon into “a house on wheels” to drive in Africa for 2 years. As he has already driven from Alaska to Argentina and knew exactly what he wanted his car to have for a comfortable travel/housing. Dan said: “My build focused on interior living space, strong 4x4, and it had to fit inside a standard 20-foot shipping container.” Here’s how his has transformed his Wrangler.

"First, the finished project: My house on wheels completed."

"The beginning: My new Jeep"
"I started by stripping the entire interior. No backseat for me."

"I had a plan to create a lot of interior living space, so the stock roll bar had to move. I was too timid to cut it myself, so that's my buddy, who was all too happy to cut up my Jeep."

"My friends and I made a new roll bar that's much further out of the way."

"Dad and I designed this interior cabinet layout without having the Jeep in front of us. I built it exactly — mirrored — so the fridge is behind the passenger, not the driver. It doesn't allow the seat to go all the way back, which I need to drive."

"After lining the tub with dynamat and lino, I built cabinet frames out of aluminum tube and corner connectors. The whole setup was designed around a 35 L Dometic fridge mounted behind the front passenger seat."

"I lined the cabinets with plywood — light and durable. I was too tired to take progress shots."

"Another view. The ones up high on the left can un-clip and fit in the isle to make a flat sleeping platform when needed."


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