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Monday, January 18, 2016

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British diver captures interesting things sunk beneath the waves (7 Pics)

For those who have never been diving, it is safe to say that there are some odd things to be seen beneath the surface.  There are thousands of shipwrecks worldwide still lying on the seabed.  Most of them are probably known and their whereabouts documented, however, some may not ever be excavated due to laws concerning the protection of shipwrecks.

However, these laws did not stop a famous photographer from capturing some eerie beauty beneath the surface.  Alex Mustard is a British photographer who decided to travel the world to find some of the weirdest things that have sunk. Besides shipwrecks he has discovered an old motorbike that was once used by British troops in World War II. He has also found old, rusty British trucks that have been forgotten.  Other interesting pieces are rifles that haven’t been used, and even the shell of a VW Beetle.  Mustard said that these particular wrecks attract divers from all over because they cannot be seen from the surface, making it even more of a mystery to explore.  Apparently, the VW Beetle was purposely sunk to provide a place for divers to visit.  Mustard said that it is the most bizarre thing to see under water; like finding something familiar in the most alien place.


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