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Sunday, November 1, 2015

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Unusual Groomsmen Gift Has Everyone Talking

Here is what he was given by his friend, Mike. Just looks like a box and a Visa card. He thought it was just a box of cigars from Costa Rica.

He thought the box was locked so TSA couldn't search it, but then he noticed that the box had two latches, which made it even more unusual.

Here is a close up of the Visa card he was given. Obviously it's not real by the look of the name printed on it.... James Bond.

This really is getting stranger by the minute. When he flipped the Visa card over, it looked like he could open it, maybe something was hidden inside.

Well sure enough, it does open. But what was in there?

Okay, a lock picking set. Time to give it a try!

That ended up being very easy. Now it was time to peak inside the box.

Well he was right about the cigar. Inside the box was a bowtie, a cigar, and a bottle of Glenlevit.

There was a little disappointment when he found out he wasn't the best man though.

What was left in the box was a piece of paper, and a whole bunch of shredded paper. Thinking there was more to this box, it was time to inspect the piece of paper.

On the piece of paper, there was binary code. He figured this out and thought he had conquered this puzzle.

So he went to the site the code linked him to, but there was no password.

Well that password makes sense... Source Code.

But that wasn't the password, as you can see by the error he received.

Oh that makes sense. The password was found in the source code, so he went into that and found that it read, "Never put your passwords in plain text said MIKE".

After about 5 hours of trying to figure out the password, he decided to give the Columnar Transposition Cipher a try. And viola! He figured out the password.

The website is slowly but surely coming together. Mike wasn't expecting someone to figure out the code as quickly as his friend did, so there will be other updates to come.

Now he just has to save the date of December 6th, 2015 because he's going to Costa Rica to be part of Mike and Vanessa's wedding.


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