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Monday, September 28, 2015

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Young Couple Takes Selfies At All 118 Subway Stations In Manhattan (38 Pics)

Want to know how long it takes to visit every single subway station in Manhattan? Answer: It takes about nine hours.
That’s what young couple James Doernberg and Kai Jordan found out  when they visited each of the 118 stations in the system, snapping a self portrait at each stop.
Every time their train stopped, the couple had only about 10 seconds to jump out, find a sign with the name of the stop, snap a photograph or two using their iPhones, and then jump back into the train before it headed off to the next station. Each “completed” station was marked with an X on the map.
When they needed to transfer to other trains, the couple had a little extra time to plan out shots — these shots sometimes included passers-by and props that were brought along.


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