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Monday, September 7, 2015

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What Different US Colleges are Really Looking for When It Comes to Sex and Love (30 pics)

Wants hookups
5. James Madison University
4. University of Buffalo
3. University of Kansas
2. University of Oregon
1. University of Maryland
Wants love
5. Western Kentucky University
4. Florida State University
3. Columbia University
2. Central Michigan University
1. Bowling Green State University
Most kinky
5. University of Georgia
4. Iowa State University
3. Texas State University
2. Penn State University
1. Northwestern University
Most reserved
5. University of Mississippi
4. Northern Kentucky University
3. University of Minnesota
2. Fordham University
1. Wesleyan University
Most disliked
5. Virginia Tech
4. University of Florida
3. Kent State University

2. Indiana University (We vehemently disagree with this one for the record.)
1. University of Michigan
Most liked
5. Arizona State University
4. University of Central Florida
3. University of South Florida
2. New York University
1. Ohio State University


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