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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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She Took A House That Has Been Abandoned For 30 Years And Created Something Absolutely Epic (20 Pics)

This was the great-great grandmothers house many years ago. She passed on and the house was simply abandoned. It sat this way for over 30 years while nature took its course and started to deteriorate the old farmhouse. The house and the property stayed in the family and they decided that something needed to be done. 
The demolition and cleanup are often the funnest part. You never know what you're going to find and you can get a little crazy and not worry about breaking things. While it is dirty and slightly tedious, it is usually one of my favorite parts of any build. 

You can see that the house has sat for years. I'm shocked that the interior is in as good of shape as it is. I would have expected a lot of water damage or some structural issues. This place looks like it will be the perfect canvas for her vision. 

While this house was probably beautiful in its prime over 30 years ago. It is obviously very dated and in need of a complete overhaul. 
The exterior of the house was painted a modern and neutral color with some beautiful bright white accents. The doors and the roof shingles were replaced guaranteed to keep the elements from affecting any of the build that was taking place on the inside. 
The interior required much more than was expected. The plumbing and electrical systems had to be replaced and brought up to modern safety codes. The house was given to her so she easily justified the costs involved. 
One of the bedrooms had a small amount of water damage in the corner that was a slight concern. The new shingles and exterior dress up took care of this without issue. 
She chose a light wood floor that really sets off the dark wood cabinets and the dark granite countertops. The white grout set in the dark-colored back splash tiles also pops. I think that these small details make a world of difference and really make the kitchen stand out.
I love the quaint dining room. Plenty of room for an intimate dinner and just enough space to offer a modern desk and work station. 
The kitchen and dining room lead into the spacious living room. All of the light fixtures and outlets had to be replaced along with the electrical. These old homes can have some pretty sketchy electrical systems and who knows what has been done to them over the years without proper inspection. It would be horrible if an electrical fire ruined all of this beautiful work.
I love the look of the brand new stainless appliances in combination with the organic materials like the light and dark woods along with the dark granite countertops. 
New window treatments and some gorgeous crown molding really tie things together and give this old farm-house a comfortable feel. 
The colors of the accessories and decorations all flow together seamlessly. The living room looks like the perfect place to plop down and relax after a long days work. 
The size of this home is perfect for a couple or a small family. The bedroom was completely re-finished and every square inch was updated. It has come a long way from the dated wall paper and crusty flooring that it had. 
I'm in love with this couch. It looks like it was built specifically for the living room. What a find. 
The bathroom turned out a lot better than I had expected it to. I love that the back splash tiles were used above the sink and they match the kitchen. The shower/bath enclosure is  modern and very functional. I love that it cuts into the wall offering a little more space to move. 
She obviously has a huge love for cats. She implemented a bench in the mud room that has a small opening on one side. The bench tops lift up exposing a litter box that is completely hidden from view. What a brilliant idea! 
This image just makes me want to curl up in my bed and put on a good movie. There's nothing quite like the comfort you feel in your own bedroom. Especially one that you built solely for yourself. 
Just off of the living room and kitchen you can access the bedroom and the bathroom. The beautifulhardwood floors tie everything together and give the home a comfortable flow throughout. 
You can't go wrong with a view like that. She found this cat on the property during the renovation and decided to give it a loving home. After a vet visit and a few problems to overcome this cat is now living in luxury looking out at the fields it once roamed. 


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