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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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The Ultimate Dog House Comes With Air Conditioning (18 Pics)

. Imgur user matthufham has two furry friends at home and wanted to give them a place that they could call their own. A place that would make any dog jealous. He ended up building the ultimate dog house for his best friends and it is something spectacular. Take a look below at the ultimate dog house but make sure your dog's out of the room when you do. Otherwise, like me, you'll be spending the next week or two building one for yourself.
He had a budget of $400 but his plans would have called for a little more. He was very resourceful and went to local construction sites and was able to get free scraps of wood that would be the base of the ultimate dog house. He started by building the frame piece by piece in his garage. In the picture above the framed walls are zip tied together temporarily. 
After the walls were completed, he started roughing in the roof. He didn't skimp anywhere. I've seen some sheds that wouldn't stand up to this. The ultimate dog house is being built to last. 
All of the pieces are mocked together to make sure it will lay out perfectly in the back yard. The far right side has a window framed in. He had to eliminate that due to budget cuts from the wife and it will eventually be sheeted over. 
With everything lined up, he built the floor that the walls would sit on. This was placed on blocks to allow for water drainage and remove the risk of water damage. He then stood the walls and added the exterior sheeting. 
He insulated the interior walls and added some OSB sheeting to protect everything. He also insulated the floor which is made of 2x4's and OSB sheeting on the top and bottom as well. This will make a world of difference in both the winter and the summer. 
It looks like there is a happy wagging tail in this picture because his home is starting to take shape. The roof trusses were set in place bringing to light the sheer size of the ultimate dog house. 
It looks like a window is cut in on the back side but it's actually for something much more useful to these pooches. 
He couldn't leave the front door open like most normal dog houses. He wasn't building a normal dog house so he decided on some awesome salon doors that can swing in both directions. Installing these was a bit of a pain but he managed and they turned out great.
The cavity that was cut out of the back side actually houses an air conditioning unit. He ran conduit and electrical to an industrial outlet box which provides 120 volt power year round. This controls the air conditioner as well as the rope light inside. The rope light is activated by a motion sensor mounted to the ceiling so that it only works when the dogs first walk in or wake up from a nice cool nap to leave. 
He was able to claim some used carpet from his in-laws and used that to provide a comfortable place to lay for his dogs. This plush carpet combined with the insulation in the floor and walls as well an A/C unit set at a cool 74 degrees will be the perfect place to escape the hot summer sun. 
With the interior complete he had to protect it so that it would last a lifetime. He covered the roof and walls with waterproof roof felt.  
The exterior is fully covered and will protect the ultimate dog house from anything. It is built in the same fashion as the house it's standing next to. Lucky dogs.  
Shingles installed and ready for years of weather protection.  
The siding that he used is cement fiberboard which will last forever. It is corrosion resistant, bug resistant and waterproof when treated. It looks like his dog is getting impatient waiting to try out his new abode. 
The shell is almost done. Just a little finish work and trim pieces are missing. The ultimate dog house has come a long way but still has a bit to go. 
The ultimate dog house was painted to match his existing home. The two blend together seamlessly. It looks like a small shed rather than most hideous, pieced together with scrap, dog houses I've seen.
Fully equipped with a motion sensor controlling the rope light, automatic air conditioning and awesome saloon doors, this dog house has it all. All of this is surrounding a plush carpeted floor and plenty of insulation. Talk about some lucky and loved dogs. 
Meet the happy owners proudly standing in front of their new residence. 


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