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Thursday, August 20, 2015

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The Condemned House in the Woods (13 Pics)

According to the person who posted these pictures on the internet, he and his three friends went into the woods and decided to explore the condemned house which was not far from where the poster lived. The four broke into the condemned house and went through the scavenged junk stored inside. Kitchen was separated from the living room by a wall and when they opened the door, they saw the back of the chair with what appeared as someone sitting in it. It freaked them out so they ran out and called the cops.

The discovered decomposing body belonged to a man who didn’t like people and wanted to be left alone so he moved into the condemned house in the woods without telling any family or friends where he was. He kept a journal with brief notes about each day he spent in the condemned house. The notes included the temperature recorded on that given day, what he ate and what he was able to scavenge. Towards the end, his journal entries only contained notes such as “Sick, can’t eat” with the very last one being “too sick”.

The body was discovered about a year after the man’s death. Surprisingly, the body dried up so the decomposition stopped before it could eat the remains down to the bones. He probably hated people so much, he didn’t even attempt to seek any help when he started to feel sick. He just suffered for a week in his house in the middle of nowhere until death found him.

Journal with Notes from the Last Days of Man’s Life

Stuck to the Chair, the Corpse Turned Maggoty But Dried Up Before Complete Decomposition


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