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Saturday, August 22, 2015

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Man's drunken boast leads him to DIY this James Bond-like Skysphere on his parents' farm (21 Pics)

Jono Williams never, ever gives up on an idea. So when (after several bourbon-and-Cokes), he assured some friends he'd build a glass room in the sky, he meant it.
That's how the Skysphere, a 33-foot-tall, 270-square-foot hangout space, came to stand in Williams' hometown on his parents' farm in New Zealand.
"I fully understand that if some people are drunk and goofing around, you say you'll do something and you won't," Williams says. "But if I say I'll do something, I really will. And I did."
The Skysphere has 360-degree views of the surrounding property. It sits atop a steel column with a ladder in the core that leads to the living space. Williams spent about $50,000 to build the structure, mostly paying as he went along but also taking out a small loan from a bank.

And Williams didn't just figure out the basic design and energy systems -- he also added some intriguing, James Bond-like details to the Skysphere:
• The entire building can be controlled by a smartphone.
• A small fingerprint scanner at the front entrance is programmed to welcome guests and keep out intruders. A computer dialogue voice calls guests by name and only opens the door for those whose fingerprints it recognizes.
• A custom, in-couch beer dispenser gives guests a cold beer upon entry.
• Additional amenities include a Miracast projector, custom rounded furniture and LED mood lighting available in several shades.


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