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Sunday, August 23, 2015

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15 Cool Old Photos of Everyday Life of Pablo Picasso and His Two Wives

Pablo Picasso was known as a romantic sheikh. He married for the first time with Olga Khokhlova on 12 June 1918, and with Jacqueline Roque on 2 March 1961.
Here are some romantic and interesting vintage photos of everyday life of Picasso and his two wives.
Jacqueline trying to teach Picasso a ballet routine, California,


Mrs. Errazuriz, Picasso and Olga to the ball of Beaumont Count,
Olga, Pablo, Paulo Picasso, 1923
Picasso adjusting a necklace he made for Jacqueline, c.1957.
Picasso adjusting a necklace he made for Jacqueline, c.1957
Picasso and Jacqueline share a laugh outside their home, 1960.
Picasso and Jacqueline sharing lunch at home with Lump – the dachshund, 1957
Picasso and Jacqueline, 1961
Picasso and Jacqueline, ca. 1955
Picasso gave Jacqueline a kiss, c.1959
Picasso with Olga in his London scene-painter’s workshop, 1919

Ricardo ViƱes, Olga Picasso, Picasso and painter Manolo Ortiz Angeles to a ball of Count Etienne de Beaumont, 1924


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