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Monday, July 13, 2015

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Quit our jobs, sold all our stuff and went traveling. A year later we found ourselves in Mongolia (35 Pics)

On September 2014 we crossed over from China into Mongolia via the train from Erlian, China in inner Mongolia. What a difference a day makes!
This was our train, headed for Ulaanbaatar. Our starting point to our 16 day journey through the Gobi Desert & Central Mongolia
Gobi Ger. This Camp introduced us to Camel's Milk tea. The best milk of the 5 (Camel, Horse, Goat, Sheep Cows or Yaks) main livestock raised in Mongolia, in our opinion.
Yolyn Am Canyon. A Pika paradise, there were so many running around we had to watch where we were stepping! Lots of Vultures and Ibex sightings as well.
This is "the beast" the Russian Jeep, not the man. This was our guide Gaala and he's equally amazing but this jeep made all this possible. This 30 year old Soviet Tank took us through desert and mountains. I miss her everyday.
This is part of our group. We were a group of 8 from many different countries (America, Israel and France) and each night we would be hosted by a Nomadic family and pass the milk bowl (whatever their herd was) around and laugh and tell stories. Incredible experience. 

Duur. In The Gobi desert there lies a museum. Inside that museum likes the BEST of the WORST taxidermy... IN THE WORLD!
The Khongor Sand Dune. We've been traveling around Asia for nearly a year and have seen many beautiful things, but this... this still tops my list. I have never seen something so vast and stunning like these dunes at sunset. Plus, you have to fight with everything you got to reach the top  (the sand slides  you back at each step) making the fight worth that view.
We came across a family picnic and they LOVED my husband's beard and our friend originally from West Senegal. Lots of Vodka was passed around.
This is the Orkhon Valley. The Orkhon River is the longest river in Mongolia.
Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake or Great White Lake was stunning! There was Ox running around everywhere and nearby there is an extinct volcano where you can go down in to the crater
Dat sunset.
This was in the Semi-Gobi. We saw children as young as 5 years old riding. Mongolians don't play when it comes to horses.
Freshly squeezed Ox milk and corn flakes for breakfast!
On the grounds of the Erdene Zuu Monastery
Adapting to the bathroom situation. Being a female, when we stopped for "breaks" on the steppes you could see for miles in every direction since it was so flat so there was zero privacy. So when you got 3 to 4 walls, you rejoiced! 3 walls are my preference since it 1) Stunk less 2) You had the BEST view of the Mongolia while doing your thing.
Yes, this is a bathroom.
Bathroom situation in a dusty town.
Bathroom big enough for 2! How romantic!
Inside one of our gers. The deeper we went into Mongolia, the more rustic it became.
This is White Stupa (Tsagaan Suvarga). Wanna feel small? Go here.
One of our Gobi Camps and not another neighbor in sight.
They tie the goats together for milking each morning - Mongolians live off of meat and dairy. If you're a Vegan, I cannot imagine how you could do a 16 day tour like this (maybe a few day tour?) without bringing your own food. Anyone tried something like this as a Vegan? Curious to hear about it!
Did you know camel's could do this? I fell in love with them, if seals are the pups of the ocean, then these guys are sand dogs.
One of the best things were the towns we rolled in to for lunch. You never knew what you were going to see or eat. Lots of dusty kids with no shoes and pigs rooting around eating skinned sheep skull.
The country-side belongs to everyone in Mongolia, and you can drive in any direction and there are no fences (until you get close to a larger town) This is the true definition of free-range livestock.
Milking the Ox
We rode horses for 4 days and went over a mountain pass to get to a secluded lake camp. My ass and knees were on fire but the experience was well worth it.
Mongolian Badass. At 17, he was one of our Horse jedi's - showing us how to handle these semi-wild beasts.
Central Mongolia - quite different from our week in the Gobi.
Lake Camp
Mountain kids. Sweetly blowing bubbles one second, then kicking the family dog for fun the next.
Mongolian Saddle. Most of our group had Russian saddles which are wood and not as curved with a padding on it for our sensitive western asses, but this is the legit saddle. Our guides and horse guides rode for 4-8 HOURS a day on this thing!
Future horse herder.
Thanks for looking! If you want to see more, check out our vlogumentary called: 'Go Mongolia' on Youtube. Watch, then GO TO MONGOLIA!



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