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Sunday, July 5, 2015

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Mysterious Ocean Items Are Actually Creepy Underwater Art (23 Pics)

Man on Fire: “Hombre en Llamas” can be found in the ocean off the shores of beautiful Cancun, Mexico.
“The Archive of Lost Dreams:” Suitably named, as so many people must work to live and rarely find time to follow their dreams. This piece of artwork can be found under the Mexico National Marine Park.
“The Fall From Grace:” Off the shores of Grenada, this statue is a life sized man on a bicycle approximately 21 feet underwater.
“Silent Evolution” in the Gulf of Mexico
“Silent Evolution” in the Gulf of Mexico: This group of people are beginning their descent as they are dropped to the bottom of the ocean to sleep with the fishes for the rest of time and eternity.
“Silent Evolution” in the Gulf of Mexico: A snorkeler swims among the countless bodies on the ocean floor.
“Silent Evolution” in the Gulf of Mexico: This little girl wears a bit of a smirk as she clutches her handbag. This doesn’t settle the strange feelings you get from seeing a statue of a little girl underwater, covered in algae that the fish feed from.
“Silent Evolution” in the Gulf of Mexico: An overview of the many statues that make up this incredibly piece of art. Creepy, but incredible nonetheless.
“Silent Evolution” in the Gulf of Mexico: A diver posing with some of the statues of “Silent Evolution.” Look natural buddy, you’ll blend right in!
“Silent Evolution” in the Gulf of Mexico: At the bottom of the ocean, there’s no one to call for help. I don’t care if there’s a phone or not!
“Silent Evolution” in the Gulf of Mexico: This man looks a little more than unhappy.
A tribute to fallen African slaves in Moilinere Bay, Grenada: Nothing creepy about a bunch of bodiless heads on a rock at the bottom of the ocean.
A tribute to fallen African slaves in Moilinere Bay, Grenada: With plenty of fish in the background, it’s safe to assume that the addition of these statues has had no ill effect on their natural habitat.
A tribute to fallen African slaves in Moilinere Bay, Grenada: The circle of children is a powerful tribute to the children that fell during the African slave trade.
A tribute to fallen African slaves in Moilinere Bay, Grenada: Circle of children viewed from afar shows the sunlight permeating the surface of the water above.
“Christ of the Abyss”: The light from above somehow creates both a celestial feeling and a creepy vibe.
“Christ of the Abyss”: Jesus stands with his hands spread to the heavens. This is not an uncommon depiction, but there are only three places in the world you can see something like this, settled on the ocean floor. This particular statue rests at the bottom of the Mediterranean.
The next 6 images are particularly interesting because they’re actually an underwater cemetery. Neptune Memorial Reef is the largest man-made reef of its kind. Resting 40 feet under the sea, off the coast of Florida, this 16 acre attraction was built to house the cremated remains of your loved ones. A maximum capacity of approximately 100,000 cremated remains makes this one huge underwater cemetery. While there are a lot of ‘green options’ for burial these days, becoming a part of a living structure intended to aide in sustaining underwater life… That’s something pretty unique and amazing.
Neptune Memorial Reef: The gates to the Memorial Reef are suitably reminiscent of retro cemetery gates.
Neptune Memorial Reef: The lion stands proudly as guardian of the gate.
Neptune Memorial Reef: Quite the impressive entry way to the heart of the underwater cemetery!
Neptune Memorial Reef: An archway, of sorts, protects the centerpiece of the Memorial Reef.
Neptune Memorial Reef: You can enjoy some underwater reading as you gaze upon the pillars in the background that will someday be the final resting place for loved ones’ cremated remains.
Neptune Memorial Reef: The top view of the centerpiece almost looks like it’s supposed to be a crazy sun dial.


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