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Thursday, July 30, 2015

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Hilarious Photos From The Past That Cannot Be Explained (21 Pics)

This collection of very old and very hilarious photos can not be explained, no matter how hard you try.  These photos will both creep you out and give you a laugh or two.
This kickass toddler who petted  two cute reptiles.
And the lady who thought petting a cat is too mainstream.
while this lil’ badass thought toys were mainstream.
This half knight- half buffoon
This starving soul eating the hell out of the poor animal’s head.
This defeater of gravity!
Whatever these two are…
This hanging postman…
This artistic prank….
These two scout brothers
No, none explanation found!
This fancy one legged skeleton.
This box match!

This “common” death!
This careful Raven!
This cute band of musicians!
Whatever this is..

This hunter and the monster grasshopper and the new topic of our nightmares.
This lady who could not take it anymore
This stylish bird
And finally… when this happened!!


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