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Thursday, June 25, 2015

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35 Of The Creepiest Places On Earth

1. Abandoned Church – Europe – While there isn’t a lot of information about this abandoned church in Europe, you can tell by how the chairs are still standing that there is a lot of history within these walls. Before being abandoned, this church was set up for a funeral for a young child. You can still see the tiny coffin set up in front of the chairs.

2. Abandoned Doll Factory – Spain – Nobody is sure why this doll factory closed, but when the doors closed, they left doll parts throughout the entire building. I don’t think I’d want to get lost in a place like this.

3. Abandoned Estate – Kiev, Ukraine – This is the former estate of former Ukrainian president, Vikto Yanukovych. When the protests in Ukraine got out of control in February 2014, Yanukovych and his security abandoned this home. Now that it’s abandoned, people have broken in and wandered about taking pictures of everything inside.

4. Abandoned Mining Town – Kolmanskop, Namib Desert – In the early 1900s, the Germans moved into this town and created a mine where they could look for diamonds and other gems. They then abandoned it in the 1950s. It is now a very popular ghost town where tourists visit.

5. Abandoned Movie Theater – Detroit, Michigan – We’ve seen building after building that has been abandoned in Detroit due to the economy, and movie theaters were no exception.  This movie theater has been taken over the elements and has been left to rot.

6. Abandoned Train Station – Abkhazia, Georgia – This train station was used to connect Georgia with Russia, but after the Abkhazia War in 1992 and 1993, it was left abandoned. Because it was outdoors, the elements have claimed it as their own. However there are parts of the station that are still in great condition, showcasing amazing architecture and furniture.

7. Anderlecht Veterinary School – Brussels – It doesn’t seem too odd that this place is nicknamed the Lab of Horrors, considering all of the deceased animals still being stored here. The school was abandoned in the 1990s and each building is being slowly remodeled. But the Anderlecht Veterinary School is the last building to be remodeled, making it a little eery to go inside. Some of the people who are renovating the buildings have said they are too scared to go inside this building because it still stores old medical equipment, deceased animals, and animal parts that have been sewn together.

8. Aniva Rock Lighthouse – Sakhalinskaya Oblast, Russia – This lighthouse was originally built by Japan in the 1930s, but the Russians took it over and used it throughout World War II. It was powered by nuclear power. During the 1990s, the lighthouse became abandoned and hasn’t been used since.

9. Ararat County Gaol: J Ward – Ararat, Australia – Rumored to be one of Australia’s most haunted buildings, this was originally built in the 1860s during Victoria’s gold rush. But in 1887, the gold rush was over and they decided to turn this into J Ward, which is a maximum security psychiatric ward which was designated for the criminally insane.

10. Bhangarh, India – This building may look beautiful during the day, but at night the government forbids anyone from entering the grounds. The story behind Bhangarh is that it’s haunged by a 16th century musician who was unfortunately rejected by a princess. Because of this, he now bestows death without the possibility of rebirth on everyone. Even if this isn’t true, people still seem to listen to the government’s warning and avoid it after the sunset.

11. Chateau Miranda – Celles, Belguim – This building was built in 1886 by a French man who wanted to flee the revolution. During World War II however, the National Railway Company of Belgium took control of this building and turned it into an orphanage. In 1991, the owners refused to sell the property causing it to be abandoned.

12. Chris McCandless’s Bus – Alaska – If this bus doesn’t sound familiar, make sure to read the book or check out the movie titled Into The Wild. This is one of my all-time favorites. I won’t ruin the story completely, but this is the bus that Chris McCandless lived in during the summer of 1992 while he lived off the land. The bus was left there in the 1960s and provided shelter for hikers throughout the years.

13. Church Of The Nine Ghosts – Lukova, Czech Republic – This church was left abandoned in 1968 but the community fought back and did not want it to go away. A local artist decided to place nine phantoms in the church to draw attention to the spirit of the church. As you can see there are more than nine now, but it definitely has an eery feel when you see it.

14. City Hall Station – New York City, New York – This particular line in New York wasn’t used much an was ultimately closed in 1945. It was built in 1904.

15. Craco, Italy – This town in Italy was originally an outpost in the year 1000, but after 500 years people began living there permanently. Because of the location of the city, they are susceptible to natural disasters and they began to take its toll on the people and architecture. In the 1990s, this town was abandoned by all.

16. Discover Hut – Antarctica – An Antarctic exploration team built this hut in 1904, using it as a place to seek refuge. Because it is so cold in Antarctica, this building has been completely preserved and everything has been left in amazing condition.

17. Floating Forests – Sydney, Australia – These ships can be found in the harbors of Sydney. They were originally meant to be dismantled after World War II, but when the ship yard closed down, they left the SS Ayrfield along with other ships, untouched. Rather than the ocean taking their toll on them, nature has reclaimed them as their own, growing forests on board.

18. Glenwood Power Station – New York City, New York – This building was designed by the same architects that built Grand Central Station, as you can see by the beautiful architecture. The building was used from 1908 until 1968, but has been abandoned ever since. While the building isn’t a total loss, there have been a few movies filmed here.

19. Hashima Island – Japan – Housing 5,000 coal workers, this island was filled with coal and had a booming economy. Once there was no more coal left to extract, everyone left leaving the entire island abandoned.

20. Hotel de Salto – San Antonio del Tequendama, Colombia – This gorgeous hotel opened its doors in 1923. It had a few good decades of great business until the local river contaminated it forcing them to close their doors. It was closed for some time, but has since been reopened as a museum. People have reported that this hotel is haunted by some of the guests that committed suicide on the grounds.

21. I.M. Cooling Tower – Monceau, Belgium – This interesting looking hole was used to create electricity and cool down water. It was open from the 1930s and closed recently in 2006.

22. Isla de las Munecas – Mexico City, Mexico – Rumor has it that the caretaker of these grounds found a young girl who had passed away. He started hanging up dolls to keep her spirit happy. As if that wasn’t creepy enough, the same caretaker who found the girl was found dead in the exact same spot as the young girl.

23. Military Hospital – Beelitz, Germany – This building was originally used as a hospital, but during World War I they transformed it into a military hospital. They continued to use this hospital until 1995, but the building was just too old to be used continuously. A few of the buildings on the grounds were used for research and other things, but now the grounds lay mostly abandoned.

24. Old Atlanta Prison Farm – Atlanta, Georgia – This prison was in use from 1945 until 1995, and held low-security inmates that maintained the surrounding farms. They were in charge of the crops, raising livestock, canning veggies, along with maintaining the dairy cows. Since it was abandoned, nobody has taken care of the building, inside or outside. There was even a fire in there, but fire fighters refused to fight it. Since this is an abandoned prison, you can definitely expect to find some paranormal activity throughout.

25. Old Masonic Lodge – Bannack, Montana – Montana benefited a lot from the Gold Rush, and because of this, a lot of buildings were built to accommodate the miners. But once the Gold Rush was over, those miners picked up and moved along to the next city, leaving buildings like this behind.

26. Oradour, France – The story behind the destruction of Oradour is heartbreaking. In 1944, the entire town which was made up of 642 men, women, and children were murdered by Nazi soldiers. They thought that they were hiding an officer from them. Come to find out after the slaughter, they were in fact in the wrong town, and all of those people died because of a mistake. There is a new village nearby, but the remains of Oradour are still there and serve as a reminder of the lives that were lost.

27. Orpheum – New Bedford, Massachusetts – This theater was one of the hot spots when it opened its doors in 1912. But in 1959 they shut their doors and it has been abandoned ever since. It has occasionally been used to store items such as groceries and tobacco. There is currently a movement to restore the Orpheum back to its original state and reopen it as an entertainment venue.

28. Pripyat, Urkaine – This town was once home to a nuclear power plant, but when that plant had a meltdown in the 1980s, everyone left. Pripyat has been empty ever since, but it has an odd feeling just looking at it. You can almost imagine all of the residents hustling and bustling during their busy day.

29. Ross Island – India – When India was under British rule, this island was used as the administrative headquarters. There is a lot of beauty on this island from both nature and the architecture. In the 1940s, the island was left abandoned due to earthquakes along with the Japanese invasion.

30. Ryugyong Hotel – Pyongyang, North Korea – This massive hotel has 105 stories in all. While they were in the process of building it, North Korea fell under a terrible famine and they stopped construction on it for 16 years. They have since finished the hotel, but there are many areas throughout that have been left completely abandoned.

31. Six Flags Jazzland – New Orleans, Louisiana – When Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on New Orleans in 2005, Jazzland was one of the places that received a lot of devastation. They aren’t sure what to do with this piece of land, whether tear it down or try to reopen it, so for now it just stays there completely abandoned.

32. Spreepark – Berlin, Germany – Spreepark was the only amusement park in East Germany during the 1960s when parts of Germany were under Soviet rule. When the Berlin Wall was torn down, everyone from East Germany started visiting West Germany which had more modern amusement parks, which left Spreeland a thing of the past.

33. The Domes – Arizona – The Domes were originally built by an electronics company in 1982, and nobody really knew what the structures were for. They stopped the project in 1983 because the electronics company contaminated the groundwater that was found on site. There are new owners of the property, but the buildings still remain abandoned.

34. Underwater City – Shicheng, China – The city of Shicheng was built over 1300 years ago and was thriving. When a river was flooded for an electro-hydraulic system 56 years ago, the entire city of Shicheng was found underwater. It still remains underwater and serves as a reminder of the civilization that once occupied this city.

35. Unoccupied Irish Homes – Ireland – This looks like an amazing neighborhood that new families would dream to occupy, but the eery thing about these homes is that they are completely abandoned. Not one single home has residents, and they’ve actually never been lived in. When the housing market crashed in Ireland in 2008, it left tons of neighborhoods just like this unoccupied and abandoned.


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