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Sunday, March 8, 2015

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4-Year-Old Boy, Son of National Geographic Photographer, Does The American West

Hawkeye Huey is only 4 years old, which probably makes him one of the youngest photographers in the world. Being the son of famed Nation Geographic photographer Aaron Huey certainly has its advantages, as it was he who introduced his son to the art, craft and passion of photography so early in his life.
It all began about 6 months ago during their road trip. Aaron not only wanted to show Hawkeye the wonders of photography, but to encourage a creative bond between father and son as well.
I thought it would be fun to see if we could both do something on a road trip that I would also enjoy, I wanted it to be art based, and since I am looking through a camera so often that seemed a good vehicle for collaborative exploration,” Aaron told Petapixel. “Our first with cameras, into the desert, was not about photography, it was about connecting as a father and son.


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