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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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This Sea Lion Ended Up Lost In The Forest. Its Life Was About To Change Forever (22 Pics)

Somehow, a poor sea lion wound up lost and far away from the sea. Its chances of survival were up in the air. Elena from Kavalerovo, Russia tell the story of her parents’ dramatic rescue of this precious creature.
You don’t see many sea lions in the forests.
Except one day, a Russian couple happened upon just one such sea lion.
How it got there was a mystery. How it intended to get back was unknown.
Being far from water, its survival wasn’t a certainty. This Russian couple needed to act.
They coaxed it towards the sea. They used a makeshift leash. It wasn’t easy though.
It growled at the couple, perhaps out of fear, perhaps out of hunger.
It tried to bite them, but that didn’t deter the couple.
The journey back to sea was a long one.
The sea shore was at least 1200 ft (400 meters) in the distance.
Somehow, the sea lion had made it inland that far. The flipper trails in the dirt were a sign.
Now, it needed to walk all the way back. Luckily, it made it.
The sight of water and its natural habitat gave the lucky sea lion some relief.
It stood at the edge of water.
Perhaps the sea lion contemplated its journey.
It cooed towards the sea air.
Still, it hesitated. Did it want to say one last goodbye to its rescuers?
Perhaps it did. In its own way, it said ‘thank you’ to the Russian couple.
Then, turned its back and made its way into the sea.
The waves crashed upon it. Such a welcome feeling.
And away it swam. Back home and free at last.


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