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Sunday, January 11, 2015

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21 Hilarious Posts From The Greatest Troll In The History Of The Internet

He's mastered the art of cooking.

He's resourceful and knowledgable when it comes to potatoes

For a brief moment, he was the voice of the British.

His trolling efforts once landed him some free sausage.

He once trolled his own troll, creating an inception of trolling.

He took an odd stance against public breastfeeding.

His son may or may not live off of $500 per month in New York City.

He found a more appropriate use for bananas.

He revealed a historical figure that never trusted the government

He found beauty in the most unlikely places.

He hasn't upgraded to mobile devices yet.

He refused to tolerate smut.

He shared a secret family recipe with Applebee's.

He did some promotional work for Pizza Hut.

He questioned police authority.

He shared some powerful parenting advice.

He shared his favorite pizza joints on the east coast.

He spoke up for those without a voice.

He's met some of the biggest celebrities before they were famous.

He feared what ancient creatures would've done to us.

But even the best can make a mistake from time to time.


  1. So what have we learned? One troll out of a hundred million has earned his keep.

  2. Brilliant, Spike Milligan's ghost returns.

    Ken please post on disqus(t) so that we can follow you.

    Wikipedia reports that 21,983,537 people checked out Potato and Peanut (king of)

  3. Fantastic lmao keep it up Kenny I loved the one with drilling the earth to spill the gravity out You are very funny lol


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