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Sunday, September 7, 2014

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Events That Show Us What Pure Joy Is (25 pics)

The time a cat showed a baby the right way to do bathtime.

A World War II veteran coming out to cheer at a race.

The day this puppy discovered his lifelong passion for kiddie pools.

The day this baby learned that you can hug dogs.

This brilliant exercise in balancing.
The day this man showed an entire stadium what it means to be free.
This fitting celebration for a perfect shot.
A hockey player making this kid’s day.
A hockey player making this kid’s entire year.
And Novak Djokovic doing the same for this ball boy.
The great owl-petting incident.

The day someone invented this excellent jump-and-hug game.
The greatest gift ever.

The day when this young man discovered bubbles.
And this young lady discovered her chemistry with puppets.
This cake-throwing incident.

The moment this partnership was formed.

And the now-legendary day when this banana enthusiast received the greatest gift ever.
The great golden retriever road trip across America.
All of the animals at once.
The moment when this girl decided to take a puppy bath.
The time this young man got a 10/10 on his first-ever slip-and-slide.
This corgi bringing joy to an elderly man.
The day this kitten was adopted.

The day when this baby discovered the ineffable wonders of passports.


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