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Friday, August 15, 2014

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WWI expert turns his yard into trench system (23 Pics)

Surrounded by barbed wire, sandbags and mud, this 60ft trench is barely distinguishable from those occupied by British soldiers fighting in the First World War a century ago.

The enormous dugout has been painstakingly recreated by an ex-history teacher in the field behind his former house in Surrey, and the dedicated 58-year-old has even spent time living in its confines with a team of volunteers as part of his efforts to experience life as a WWI soldier.

First World War historian Andrew Robertshaw and 30 volunteers - including a detachment of troops returning from Afghanistan - spent a month shifting 200 tons of earth to build the enormous three-room trench, which he hopes will teach people more about the horrific living conditions endured by British troops during the Great War.


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