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Thursday, May 1, 2014

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This Is How You Do The Sarcastic Clap Like A Boss (15 gifs)

When You Want Them To Think You Care, Then Reveal The Truth

When You Have To See If ANYBODY Cares

When No One Can Believe What An Ass You Are
When You Want Someone To Know They Scare You
When They’re Excited About Doing Something An Infant Could Do
When I’m Maybe Not As Happy For You As I’m Pretending To Be
When You Are The Worst Person On Earth I Hate You
When You Want Everyone To Know You Don’t Care
When You Wish You Didn’t Have To Acknowledge Their Accomplishment
When You’re Just So Damn Precious, Aren’t You?
When You Need To Pretend Like Someone Isn’t A Terrible Singer
When You’re Too Handsome To Care
When I’m A Deranged Man
When The Thing Being Clapped For Is The Least Interesting Thing In The Room


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