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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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The World’s Highest Buildings (47 pics)

Ryugyong Hotel
 Pyongyang, North Korea, 1,083 ft

China World Trade Center Tower 3
Beijing, China, 1,083 ft
Minsheng Bank Building
Wuhan, China, 1,087 ft
Modern Media Center
Changzhou, China, 1,089 ft

Rose Tower
Dubai, UAE, 1,093 ft
Shimao International Plaza
Shanghai, China, 1,094 ft

The Marina Torch
Dubai, UAE, 1,105 ft
Tianjin World Financial Center
Tianjin, China, 1,105 ft
Hefei Feicui TV Tower (under construction)
Hefei, China, 1,112 ft
Mercury City Tower (Completed. Couldn’t find a good finished photo)
Moscow, Russia, 1,112 ft
Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar Tower
Dubai, UAE, 1,122 ft
John Hancock Center
Chicago, USA, 1,128 ft

Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower
Hanoi, Vietnam, 1,132 ft

The Center
Hong Kong, 1,135 ft
Aon Center
Chicago, USA, 1,136 ft
Emirates Office
Tower Dubai, UAE, 1,163 ft
JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Tower 1 & 2
Dubai, UAE, 1,166 ft
SEG Plaza
Shenzhen, China, 1,168 ft
The Pinnacle
Guangzhou, China, 1,181 ft
Almas Tower
Dubai, UAE, 1,191 ft
Bank of America Tower (NY)
New York City, USA, 1,200 ft (only 1 meter shorter than Bank of China Tower)
Bank of China Tower
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 1,205 ft
Central Plaza
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 1,227 ft
Tuntex Sky Tower
Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 1,240 ft
Elite Residence
Dubai, UAE, 1,247 ft
Empire State Building
New York City, USA, 1,250 ft
Central Market Project (under construction)
Abu Dhabi, UAE , 1,251 ft
Shun Hing Square
Shenzhen, China, 1,260 ft
Guangzhou, China, 1,283 ft
23 Marina (tallest one)
Dubai, UAE, 1,296 ft
2 International Finance Centre
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 1,352 ft

Al Hamra Firdous Tower
Kuwait City, Kuwait, 1,354 ft

Princess Tower (the tallest one)
Dubai, UAE, 1,358 ft

Jin Mao Tower (in front)
Shanghai, China, 1,380 ft

Trump International Hotel and Tower
Chicago, USA, 1,389 ft

Guangzhou International Finance Center
Guangzhou, China, 1,440 ft
Kingkey 100
Shenzhen, China, 1,449 f
Willis Tower (Formerly Sears Tower)
Chicago, USA, 1,450 ft
Zifeng Tower
Nanjing, China, 1,476 ft
Petronas Tower 1 & 2
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1,483 ft
International Commerce Centre
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 1,588 ft
Shanghai World Financial Center (left)
Shanghai, China, 1,614 ft
Taipei 101
Taipei, Taiwan, 1,670 ft
One World Trade Center
New York City, USA, 1,776 ft
Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel
Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 1,971 ft
Shanghai Tower (under construction)
Shanghai, China, 2,073 ft
Burj Khalifa
Dubai, UAE, 2,717 ft


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