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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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Lab created Sapphire Hanami Process Shots (19 Pics)

Rough on the dop
Note the color zoning, pretty common in most flame fusion blue sapphire.

First Cuts
Starting to grind something towards a conical point shape.
Rough girdle outline.

Pavilion and girdle cut in
First few facets prepolished to 8,000 grit.

Pavilion done

Prepping to transfer stone
This is the transfer jig used to transfer the stone to another dop so the other half of the stone can be cut.

The stone on its dop is on the left, the new dop is on the right. The original wax joint is protected by a damp paper towel during the heat used in the transfer.

The transfer
Transferred stone
Ready to cut the crown

First cuts of the crown
First tier done...

Starting to cut in the second tier at 600 grit.

Another view
The crown just about finished up.
Last steps.
The crown is fully cut at this point, just have to cut the table facet in and polish.

Finished stone
Here it is! In this design, only the floral 'petals' of the design are polished, the rest are left 'frosted' (only cut to 600 grit) for effect.

The final stone finished out to 1.6ct and measures 6.9 x 7.1mm.


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