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Saturday, February 1, 2014

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Couple Plans Wedding in 24 Hours for Dying Mom

This Couple Put Their Wedding Together In 24 Hours So The Bride’s Sick Mom Could See Them Get Married
Aly and Anthony Femia met as students at Manhattanville College in New York and have been together ever since.
On Dec. 14, 2012, Anthony proposed to Aly when they were on a weekend getaway to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.
They celebrated their engagement with friends and family and were originally supposed to get married in September 2015.

But last week Aly’s mom, Mary Quinn, went to the doctor to check up on a pain she felt in her neck.
They unexpectedly discovered she had lung cancer that spread to her brain.
After initially hoping there were treatment options, Mary and her family were told it was incurable. She now only has a short time left to live.
When Aly asked the doctors when she should hold her wedding so her mother could be there, they answered, “Tomorrow.”
So in 24 hours, Aly, Anthony, their families, and the hospital staff rallied together to plan their wedding.
In just a few short hours, the couple managed to get their marriage certificate from New Haven City Hall and pick out a wedding dress for the bride.
They officially tied the knot on Wednesday, Jan. 29.
Aly described how the staff at Yale New Haven Hospital, where Mary currently is, played a huge role in making her wedding day a success.
“The hospital was INCREDIBLE! They made my wedding possible,” she said.
One doctor offered to take her wedding dress shopping.


  1. only a moron pushes their life decisions forward due to someone dying. For person who won't even see the after math of their consequences on the living due to their premature death sentence. I bet these people believe that she will be watching down from "heaven" on them; well if they truly believe that crock of shit then she could have watched the wedding from heaven. But I suppose stupid will be stupid...


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