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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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Rescuing a very malnourished and weak kitten

Author:This is when I first met "Luna" at my friend's granite shop. No one lives in this neighborhood and there are starving strays everywhere. its tragic.
She was maybe 2 months old and already skin and bone.
I decided to bring her some cat food. It cost 2 bucks from a corner store a few blocks away.
Oh god.... I was not prepared for this.
Her dual colored eyes were really enchanting. Only with food in her belly did she perk up enough to show her face.
And she was very happy to have food in her belly. I sat and pet her for a solid hour before deciding to take her home.
When i got her home she ate... and ate.. and ate and ate.
She mastered the litter tray instantly.
She likes to climb.
And is really ok with water. She needed a flea bath since she was covered in them.
No crying or anything. Just relaxed in the warm water.

She was a lap cat instantly

It was a long day and she slept hard. I've never rescued an animal before and all of this was new to me. I can't even begin to explain how rewarding and fulfilling it all was. It was a huge highlight of the year.


  1. Thank you & God bless the two of you. Very pretty kitt

  2. You have a kind heart! Thank you for saving her.

  3. The world needs more kind-hearted people like you. You are a prince amongst men and I admire you greatly. Thanks for saving her.

  4. Kudos on saving that cute little kitty! We have rescued each of our 4 cats. Hugs!

  5. wow you are a wonderful
    person and a hero

  6. This is a Turkish Van cat, they can also swim in the water too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_Van

  7. it was meant to be... your license plate even says paw....

  8. very nice cat-lucky you

  9. Very very cool, she will continue to bring you joy and love.

  10. BEAUTIFUL EYES...YOU are very lucky!!!

  11. Good for you. You've gained a beautiful partner, who will repay you with amazing love.

  12. How wonderful of you. I hope you have many fun filled years together

  13. The world needs more kind-hearted souls likek you!


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