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Saturday, December 28, 2013

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Strong Man Joshua Sundquist (16 pics)

Motivational speaker Joshua Sundquist has only one leg, but it could never stop him. He was competing in the Paralympic Games and even won he Body-for-Life Contest in 2006.

Joshua's Halloween costumes

Joshua's girlfriend Ashley
"Ashley’s mom gave me a box of their family’s single mismatched socks. It’s like Christmas!"

"Football exhibition today with wounded warriors and fellow members of the US National Amputee Soccer Team. Audience of 800, including Ashley."
"I scored a goal that put us in the lead and eventually brought us the win. Back when I lost my leg, I thought I had lost soccer, too. But sometimes things don’t turn out how you thought they would. Sometimes they turn out better."

"My tenth birthday party, which doctors thought might be my last. Maybe that’s why I look so serious. Like I was gazing into those candles contemplating my mortality or something. If anyone has access to a time machine, please go back and tell that boy that he survives, his hair grows back, and today he is celebrating another (much happier) birthday with his girlfriend Ashley."

"I met Tony Pearson when I was three. We were neighbors and instant BFFs. Even when I had cancer, he came over almost daily to play. Today, I am a groomsman in his wedding."


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