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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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Cities from Above (34 pics)

Here are some of the most beautiful cities of the world as seen from a bird's eye view.

Edinburgh, Scottland
Hong Kong
Utrecht, the Netherlands
Mostar, Bosnia
Mal, Capital of the Maldives
Bern, Switzerland
Madrid, Spain
Alesund, Norway
Cologne, Germany
Seoul, South Korea
New York City
Tehran, Iran
Berlin, Germany
London, England
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey
El Mina, Lebanon
Chinatown, New York
Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Ghadames, Libya
Toledo, Spain
Brussels, Belgium
Yerevan, Armenia
Mzab Valley, Algeria
Milano, Italia
Hong Kong Nighttime Skyline
Los Angeles from afar

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia
Vatican City and Rome
The Old Town, Edinburgh, Scotland


  1. Istanbul picture shows the Blue Mosque, not Hagia Sophia, which is out of shot, but quite close by.


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