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Thursday, May 9, 2013

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Bizarre Items that Really Exist(18 pics)

“The Beerd” Beard Cozies:
A Caterpillar That Looks Like a Wig:
Sushi Costumes for Cats:
A Crab With a 9-Foot Claw Span:
These Terrifying Baby Masks:

A Frozen Aquarium:

The Literal Tramp Stamp:
A Children’s Book Written by Dennis Rodman:
This Pillow Wig:
The Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich:
The Hands-Free Umbrella:
A Wind-Up Chair That Charges Your Phone:
A DJ Kit for Cats:

A Zip-Up Tie for the Stylish, But Lazy:

The Flying Fuck:
Meat-Flavored Ice Cream for Dogs:
The Graduation Cap Flask:

A Disc Drive That Avoids Liquids:

A Hamster Dunce Cap:


  1. I thinkt that that disc drive system is pretty genius


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