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Monday, May 6, 2013

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20 Awesome Literary Tattoos

From Shakespeare to Vonnegut, these tattoos are classic to the bone.

  Kurt Vonnegut - “Breakfast Of Champions”
 F. Scott Fitzgerald - “The Great Gatsby”
3. Shel Silverstein - “The Giving Tree”
Shel Silverstein - “The Giving Tree”
Ayn Rand - “Atlas Shrugged”
Thomas Pynchon - “V.”
Anais Nin
Bukowski - “Bluebird”
Samuel Beckett - “The Unnamable”

Jack Kerouac - “On The Road”
Sharon Olds - “I Go Back To May 1937”
Kurt Vonnegut - “Slaughterhouse Five”
Allen Ginsberg - “America”
Shakespeare - “King Lear”
Mark Z Danielewski - “House of Leaves”
Ray Bradbury - “Fahrenheit 451”
J. D. Salinger- “The Catcher In The Rye”


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