Fascinating Photographs Of Russian Revolution Revealed

Russian-born photography aficionado Anton Orlov couldn't believe his luck when he was allowed to rummage through a number of old storage chests in the basement of a house in northern California in 2005. Inside, he found a treasure trove of hand-colored glass slides taken by an American pastor named John Wells Rahill during the Russian Revolution in 1917. There were also extraordinary slides from China and Japan in the mix, as well. Here is a selection of those photographs.
John Wells Rahill and three Russian boys in a small village
Soldiers on the train station platform in Omsk
Soldiers wearing gas masks pose by a bunker.
The interior of the Soldiers House that Rahill helped set up in Valk
YMCA members entertain a crowd at a train station.
A ruined building in Moscow
A slide purchased by Rahill in Moscow from the Baranov studio
A funeral procession in Peking, China
The inhabitants of a Japanese fishing village

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