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Thursday, November 8, 2012

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A Totally Awesome, Harry Potter Inspired Drinking Game! (10 pics)

What happens when you take Beer Pong and combine it with the imaginary sporting event from Harry Potter? You get this super cool drinking game: Beer Quidditch! Check the rules inside the post.

The rules for Quidditch Pong:

First you have to make the hoops.

You have to make some butter beer
Choose what team goes first with your sorting hat!
If the quaffle (ping pong ball) goes through a hoop and makes it in the cup it counts as two (much like if the ball were to bounce)
If the quaffle goes through a hoop the enemy team is allowed to use there bludgers (hands) to knock it out of the way.
When there is one cup left, the snitch must be used. This makes things a lot more difficult. You can make snitch by just wrapping a ball in yellow duct tape and attaching a few wings made out of paper, but you could easily use a yellow ping pong ball with glued on wings.


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