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Saturday, May 12, 2012

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Dead Bodies On Mount Everest

This body has been named "Green Boots." Many of the nearly 200 dead bodies have been named and are used as landmarks.

Recovering a dead body on Mount Everest is a near impossibility.
Deaths often are a result of climbers "taking a nap" and never waking up.
It costs around $25k to $60k to make a trip to the summit. Sometimes it also costs your life.
Many climbers have said that the hardest part of climbing Mt. Everest for them was passing all of the graves.
Due to the extreme weather conditions, bodies that have been dead for over 50 years can still be found with little decay.
Instant frost-bite is a very real possibility near the summit.
This is George Mallory who fell to his death in 1924.
Sometimes climbers stumble upon men and women who are dying on the mountain but have no way of helping them and so they must leave them to die.

Two climbers found a woman alone and dying yelling, "please don't leave me" but were forced to continue on and let her die as they had no means to help her and staying would risk their own lives.
They felt so guilty they spent years saving up enough money to finally return and give her a proper burial.


  1. Mountain climbers are by far the most self-centered people on the planet.

  2. I stay at lower elevations.

  3. "nothing the could do"... what about going back down with her? Is that really not an option, or is it just inconceivable to release the goal? Seems to me that their drive to get to the top was more important than helping her, and that's why they felt so guilty.

  4. If any of you judgmental twits bothered to do even an attempt at researching the facts, you'll learn that the people who found her were headed -down- to their camp and physically couldn't carry her back with them. They actually stayed and administered oxygen from their own tanks for her even as she was dying, using up their own precious resources with no hope for her survival, just to stay with her. They went back down to their camp to get help but couldn't get back to her in time.

    They went back eight years later to bury her because of how little they could help, and to find her husband, who'd fallen to his death trying to reach her. That was why they felt guilty; in spite of all three people tried to do, no one could help her.

    Next time, try and look up the facts before shooting off your mouths.


  5. May their souls rest in peace, in heaven. Amen! I can feel for all of them since I am a hiker myself and can imagine how difficult it could be to save someone's life at such an altitude.

  6. An expedition of ten experienced Sherpa's were able to bring two dead bodies down to base camp 2 to be picked up by a helicopter.

    Fact 1: They specifically embarked to do that bringing extra gear required to do the feat.
    Fact 2: They were physically fit, more experienced then anyone else, and naturally adapted to function better in low oxygen.
    Fact 3: According to the Sherpas several of them almost died in the attempt.
    Fact 4: The bodies were recovered from below the dead zone. Dead zone starts above Base camp 3.

    Facts about the husband and wife who died.
    -The Husband and Wife died between Base camp 3 and the summit.
    -A surprise storm occurred during their summit attempt creating whiteout conditions, very heavy winds, and very cold conditions.
    -The wife got lost from her Husband and He expected to see her at Base camp 3. When he did not see her he went back to find her and died after finding her in his attempt to get down to where she had fallen. He already had frostbite and fatigue from climbing all day.

    Now if you pay attention-
    The two climbers went above and beyond the call, risking climbing down to her. They risked the same fate as her own Husband. They tried to get her moving again. They spent time with her trying to comfort her. When they left her she was almost dead- probably losing consciousnesses. This all happened in the storm's conditions.

    People climb Everest for a variety of reasons. Some want to test their meddle. Some want to see the beauty. Some see it as the next extension of a lifetime of climbing. The gains of a successful climb are priceless. They cannot be achieved through many other ways. The sense of self esteem from real accomplishment, of battling yourself and the mountain. The sense of perspective when returning, seeing what is truly important to you. The gains and reasons are probably as different as each climber that ever tries to summit Everest.

    Climbers are for the massive majority not reckless. Great planning and care goes into each climb, each ritual. They look out for each other to the best of their ability, but ultimately you have to summit and down-climb under your own power. One mistake can easily become your last.

    Most people cannot even carry a refrigerator down two flights of stars, with the help of another person. Things always look easy when you watch other people perform the task. It is always another story when you try to perform the same task yourself.

    It is with all this said, I ask people to give others the benefit of the doubt.

    RIP, and God Bless.

  7. I have seen Yeti on everest. He often throughs bodies unnoticed off the face so the death numbers are actually much higher.


  9. I have not got the urge to climb mountains like this. They climbers have to deny helping others who are dying because the mountain is so treacherous to climb, without trying to carry someone who is dying.

  10. This whole extreme climbing/"sport" bs is just that, BS! The first poster had it right. These people all have an inherant self importantce that needs to be stroked by whatever means they deem necessary. "The gains are priceless" At the cost of what? How about the 200 lives lost or the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent? "The sence of self esteem from real accomplishment" really? You need this to boost your self esteem. My god, get some professional help. Next time you and your egomanic friends decide to do something this stupid put down the alcohol and weed and seriously think about how you could use these herculean efforts for something much more practical and worthile. Try doing something for someone ESLE for a change.

    1. Do you really think these climbs are motivated alcohol and weed vigilante?? It sounds like you have some issues yourself to work out. Thousnds of dollars are spent you say? Who cares... would you rather have the rich keep their money in a bank doing no good to the economy. And anyway if an egomaniac wants to go kill themselves let them. Those people are obnoxious. Vigilante, the next time you're thinking about doing something you better think twice and just stay on the couch.

  11. Leave it to the human race to trash a beautiful place.

  12. Mountain climbers are the most helping persons in the field of sport. Helping each other is what we do.
    You post your comments without reading what other commented and some of them explained it good.

    LET ME TELL YOU AGAIN: Its impossible to carry somebody down at that altitude. Helicopters dont fly that high. This is why its called the DEATH ZONE!

    And if you asked :Why are they climbing there......will not answer you. Just continue to sit in front of your PC or TV asking stupid questions, eating fast food.

    1. Omg Thankyou!! It annoys me so much when other people who know nothing about climbing say things like that!! I couldn't have said it better myself

  13. Their hungry ego needs a boost, that's why they climb. My self esteem is Ok even when I take a dump.

  14. You all sound like a bunch of pussies-

  15. You can't understand or judge until youve been through it. When you finally get toward the top you are more exhausted than you thought you could ever be. Both physically and mentally, You
    are under the effects of edema and tired beyond wits. The only thing keeping you barely alive is your drive. Many people died trying to save others. The victims couldnt save themselves for
    very good but horrible reasons they were exhausted to death. The bodies are a tribute to their determination to do what they loved; living life. It is not the worst fate but an enviable one
    for those who lived life to the fullest. Respect that please. Sitting in your armchair being judgemental is a waste of time and your life.

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  17. Wow, I can not believe some of these posts on here. I envy anyone who is fit enough to make it as far as all of the fallen did. I would spend whatever it took to stand on top of the world and have an inside veiw of just how special these people are. For all of the negative posts on here...these people paid with there lives so when you speak of money do you think it matters to them of how much it cost NO! Between everyone who climbs mount everst do you not think they see the graves off people who have died and feel pitty for them or something which resembles a mirror of what could happen there is no forgivness and no room for vanity. If I was climbing mount everest I would most certainly have respect for the dead and have fear in my own heart as the person staring back is what reality really is. As someone else noted one mistake could be your last.

    Do you really think anyone would leave someone else to die Iif they could save them? Is that how shallow you are towards the people in your life or how shallow you believe the world to be?

    Respect and love to past present and future climbers who are the elite of man kind to be fit, brave and experienced enough to take on any mountain. ..especially going to a death zone.

  18. Bravo to the people here that have minds and intelligence enough to know, that you can't save anyone in that environment/conditions and those who go know the risks!


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