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Saturday, February 11, 2012

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Elsie Eiler, The Lone Resident of Monowi Town in Nebraska

 Elsie Eiler, 77, is the only inhabitant of Monowi, a village in northeast Nebraska, several news sites reported on Wednesday.

Reports said that according to a new 2010 Census data, Monowi is the only incorporated town, village or city in United States with only one resident.

According to reports, Monowi had two people in 2000, Elsie and her husband Rudy. However, Rudy died in 2004.

“We probably have the record by going down in population 50 percent,” Eiler was quoted saying. “I chose to stay here after my husband died. It’s home.”

Eiler owns and operates the only business in town, the Monowi Tavern. Her bar has a sign that reads “coldest beer in town” which is true because it is the only beer in town. She reportedly opens the bar at 9am and closes at 10pm.

Reports said that she also runs the town library, which contains about 5,000 books.

At its peak in 1930, it was reported that the Monowi town had a population of 150. However, the population declined after the railroad left it.


  1. If they got WiFi, maybe I'll move there.

  2. Could a retired person buy a house there.
    A good place to get out of the rat race.

  3. any chance for my Italian students to write an email to her and get a reply? it would be awesome...

  4. It's a good place to built a home...A home for people who's seeking peace... :)

  5. sounds enchanting,low tax rate, improvable economy. heaven


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