Awesome Things (39 pics)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this site helped mi hole lyf. it made me stop cryin n fort bout me lyf. fanks 2 whoever made dis site u stoped me felin sad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ^learn to spell

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fucking brilliant! All these inventions are incredible!

  4. Anonymous says:

    "this site helped mi hole lyf. it made me stop cryin n fort bout me lyf. fanks 2 whoever made dis site u stoped me felin sad."

    New cure for depression: Random ass gadgets. Medically approved.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great entertaining list. Only thing is I wish I knew where to buy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It clearly did NOT help your grammar or spelling. ^

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mmm yes, now if only someone could invent something that could make people learn to spell.... like some kind of..... school?

  8. Anonymous says:

    This may have stopped you from feeling sad, but it certainly didn't help your spelling. wow,just wow this is bad.

  9. Anonymous says:

    i wuz once vry sad nd depress. but nao bcuz of dis cite wif awsum things, i fel jubilunt nd eztatec. tank u whoevr postd dis

  10. Anonymous says:

    this made me smile(:
    im no longer sad.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Holy jesus chris what the fuck have you been smoking ^^^^^

  12. Anonymous says:

    holy fuck! a wild snorlax appeared!!! blast it with piss!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    what the fuck?

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. meid says:

    I want to have most of this ! is it sold somewhere ??

  18. Anonymous says:

    Great stuff! I'm not sure about the black toilet paper though. How would you know when to stop wiping?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Number 21. Suffocate while you sleep

  20. Anonymous says:

    .... seen a lot of these before, especially that pram / skateboard combo, which is incredibly dangerous and I would never let my child be carried around in that.

  21. Allison says:

    The person who is spelling incorrectly and using improper grammar is obviously doing it on purpose to fuck with people, lol nobody is that dumb.
    Also, these inventions are pretty cool. I like the little monster bookmarks :)

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hey! Anybody have anything better to do than make someone feel like shit about their grammar? :D
    Apparently not. Lol lol, losers.

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Anonymous says:


  25. Anonymous says:


  26. Anonymous says:

    Apparently they need to invent something to imply sarcasm in text...

  27. Anonymous says:


    I found this site long after I bookmarked a tutorial for how to make the monster bookmarks. Enjoy yours!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Wow. There must be a bunch of old faggots looking at this because any functional internet user would know that that person with the bad grammar was trolling.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Where on Earth can I get these things?! :D

  30. Anonymous says:

    (insert derogatory remark towards anybody in this thread for any reason whatsoever here)

  31. Anonymous says:

    90% of these are crap

  32. Anonymous says:


  33. kaylaaaa says:

    mind fucked...

  34. Anonymous says:

    My IQ has dropped 10 points after reading these comments.

  35. Anonymous says:

    what the f is up with the sleeping mushroom head/ santa bag...? im so confused.... who would ever wear that thing.

  36. Ilove the idea of having a scooter on a stroller I bet many parent would be having a blast with that concept :)

  37. The Jade says:

    hahahahaha! <3 these comments...

  38. Anonymous says:

    These comments are better than this site! Ha!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Perpetual Kid sells really cool stuff like some of this, my sister made me some bookmarks like the little monsters only they weren't monsters! I'll have to add teeth & eyes to some of them! Love the bird keyring & house, little campfire light! Great set of pics! Thanks for putting them together!

  40. Vitor says:

    Que bela criatividade,parabens !!!!!!!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Remember that time people took trolls seriously? Me too.

  42. Anonymous says:

    wait all of it is

  43. Anonymous says:

    tottally osame omy goddness

  44. Anonymous says:

    fucking awesome

  45. Anonymous says:

    Black toilet paper... Lol, it's about time.

  46. Anonymous says:

    awesome stuff i want it

  47. Anonymous says:


  48. Anonymous says:

    I love the sloth necklace, that thing is adorable :3 a couple of the other ones were also just too cute, and all of them were cool. Except for that...napping pod? Or something? Why would you put your head INSIDE it? Seems like a great way to suffocate, from what I can tell. Also, wildly impractical to actually carry around like that. Incorporate the design into, I dunno, a backpack or something else that doesn't make you look like a tool for carrying it.

  49. Anonymous says:

    They are pretty mazin' i must say.
    Just catchiz ya off gaurd you know.

    Its like when you pull off a bandaid. You'll never know how much it hurts? Yeah.

    Cool guys

  50. sundragon92 says:

    I'm so mindblown by all this awesome stuff!!

  51. Anonymous says:

    The alarm clock with the $100 bill stood out to me. "Time is Money". Looks like something that would stand at Bill Gates' bedside.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Bambi was just shot!

  53. Anonymous says:

    the shredder alarm clock is the best

  54. Rorchach says:

    What are the sunglasses called?

  55. Anonymous says: sad to see people fall into the trap so easily

  56. arizona says:

    These are awesome. Thanks for sharing with the world!!!

  57. Anonymous says:

    SegBed! AnonShades! PullPlug! DayShred! HeartEgg! WineBomb! BoatBath! iKeyboard! BackBike! These were the best!

  58. Opal Jean says:

    Haterz b hatin

  59. Anonymous says:

    what is the grey hat with holes called??

  60. Anonymous says:

    આ વેબપેજ કાલની છે. અહીં ઉત્પાદનો વિચિત્ર છે. હું માંગો છો હું જ્યાં કેવી રીતે અને કેટલાક ખરીદી નથી, જો સૌથી આ ઉત્પાદનો, જાણતા!

  61. Anonymous says:

    I want the sleeping bag thing!

  62. Anonymous says:

    woah.. all of those inventions are quite weird. and im not fully convinced if theyre real or not. so i read the comments, and ive been sitting here for awhile now thinking "some people man, some people."
    oh and the bird house-key holder is definately the best!

  63. Anonymous says:

    where do I get those sunglasses?

  64. Anonymous says:

    wow, i must say, i feel better. i was depressed, but i feel better.

  65. shapewear says:

    Whats up with that hat

  66. Anonymous says:

    "My IQ has dropped 10 points after reading these comments. "

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAA. (: that is all.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Um...okay stuff. Bet they're expensive though. And I don't get the chair back coat hanger thingies...


  68. kelly1209 says:

    why do you people give a rats ass if he misspelled something?I would like to punch anyone who said anything about spelling or grammar.I don't get the chair back hangars either.I guess cuz(oops i spelled because cuz,sorry geeks)we hang our coats on chairs alot

  69. Anonymous says:

    dis hole shpelin ting az gotin way otto kuntrul. airbody jus need to lurn to jill out nd go ta igh scoo

  70. Anonymous says:

    i just got a boner

  71. Anonymous says:

    Small things make our lives not comfy like being in bed and having our arms without proper circulation. They go dumb and aching!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Anonymous says:

    AWESOME! :)

  73. Anonymous says:

    Half way through scrolling down comments I'm always so dissapointed in myself for reading them at all. And now I've written one! I feel better knowing that if you, you sad bastard, have gotten this far then you are equally as bad as,if not worse than, I am. Hey, nobody has compared anyone to a nazi yet...

  74. Anonymous says:

    swiper no swiping!

  75. Anonymous says:

    What is so great about the black toilet paper?

  76. Anonymous says:

    Wow that bed with the slits in it is fucking genius! No more sore arms after spooning all night! Oh but you guys wouldn't know about that off course..

  77. All this interesting stuff to talk about and all people can think to say is, "Learn to spell!"


    I'd like to try out that 3 player chess. That looks like a blast.

  78. Anonymous says:

    LOL he said "boner"

  79. Anonymous says:

    only one word - Awesome

  80. Anonymous says:

    Hmm why would any one want a money shredder? It's illegal to destroy U.S currency

  81. Anonymous says:

    I really wanna know how they made those bookmarks. I WANT them!

  82. Anonymous says:


  83. Anonymous says:

    It's not actually illegal to destroy US currency, it's illegal to do it with malicious intent. That said, I'm sure those "bills" are blank on the other side.

    I want the bike-pack. Links to whoever designed these or is selling them would have been nice.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Out-of-the-usual-thought-world creativity!

    Completely immature of those who criticized the spelling of someone who clearly has an excellent vocabulary, just can't spell English.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Comments OP needs to get a "lyf"

  86. Anonymous says:

    bed with slots:

    head sleepy pod thing:

  87. holzgrill says:

    Fantastic ideas. Thanks for making this list

  88. Anonymous says:


    yawn!!! just to


  90. ZuZu Gold says:

    id like to play some 3 way chess. i'd imagine it'd be like world war.

  91. Amanda says:

    These are SO cool! Let's see sites as to where (if) you can actually acquire these amazing things?? :)

  92. Anonymous says:


  93. Anonymous says:

    as i was reading this a rather large amount of bloody semin rained from my rectum painfully. i was so fascinated with all these things that i didnt even stop to catch the bloody semin for my morning smoothie. it would have been really nice of there was just one picture of all these inventions where somebody just has a huge boner. i spelled anus wrong once and it was really embarrasing because i love everything about the anus

  94. Anonymous says:

    black toillet paper would b difficult because i usually look for the toilett paper to not have poop on it still before i know im clean

  95. Anonymous says:

    The first thing i thought of when i saw the "sleepy head hat bag thingy" was If you put your head in that bag and go to sleep somebody is gonna come by and smack the hell out of you..

  96. Anonymous says:


  97. Jonathan says:

    wonder why those spiders are so cool with that guy stepping on them? I would def not lick that toad, thx for all the hard work trololol's you make the interwebz worth while, while i wait for objects of my desire that i ordered from the interwebz!

  98. incredible !!!!all of them are amazing ))

  99. Anonymous says:


  100. Anonymous says:

    We are Anonymous. We have posted 81 comments so far in this post. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

  101. Anonymous says:


  102. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, with how stupid people can be these days, even if they are trolling, they're probably not faking the grammar. Nowadays people have hard times spelling small words, so I'm not surprised.

  103. Anonymous says:

    I want the yellow bed foamy!!!!!! =P

  104. Mr.Loto says:

    Wow, the human imagination has no limits, the window is fantastic. :-)


  105. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  106. Anonymous says:

    Warcraft....infecting the new generation with a lower standard of spelling since its advent....way to go,Blizzard.

  107. Anonymous says:

    the yellow bed foamy thing is great the book corner face thing glad i started drinking tonight this 1 page has cheered me right up :)

  108. Anonymous says:


  109. Anonymous says:

    amazing would love some of these products

  110. Some of these inventions are simply AMAZING!! I would love to have several of them as they would definitely improve my life. Too bad they would probably be EXTREMELY expensive (that is if I knew where to get them in the first place). In any case...yeah that one guy needs to learn to spell.

  111. Anonymous says:

    The Sleeping bag is awesome

  112. Anonymous says:

    hahahahaha. you guys are all faggot's commenting on this page. I hope you guys read my comment and get mad like you did the trollers (;

  113. Anonymous says:


  114. Wow the inventions on this site are amazing :)

  115. Anonymous says:

    aleyyyy hopppp
    very funny

  116. chris says:

    first look: great pictures
    first llok at the comments: lolz
    after reading 30+ comments: bored
    after reading 50+ comments: yawn
    after reading them all: did NOT happen ijust scrolled

    and the conlusion: there is one guy that can't spell and over 100 that THINK that they are perfect and never make mistakes (i will include myself here too :P )

  117. Anonymous says:

    Simply awesome stuff right here... Ideas are great! WIsh I could come up with something like these...

  118. Anonymous says:

    A lowbrow like yourself probably has no idea what most of the items are.

  119. Anonymous says:

    I have over 10,000 magic cards. #boomamerica

  120. Anonymous says:

    Amazing People amazing mind and amazing things

  121. Anonymous says:

    when i first saw all of these replies i thought it was all the same guy talking just to himself

  122. Seunghyun says:

    Love the iphone keyboard haha!!

  123. Anonymous says:

    I can't believe that I just read all of those comments...

  124. Anonymous says:

    I agree ^^^
    I'm not sure where I am right now...

  125. Anonymous says:

    These are all sick! Thanks for sharing!

  126. Anonymous says:

    HAHAHAHAHAH, dis iz mazing.
    lol jk, i can spell. =.=

  127. Anonymous says:

    While many of these gadgets are aesthetically pleasing, I fail to see the practicality in the majority of them. Very entertaining though, thank you! ^_^

  128. Anonymous says:

    What is the money shredding clock about? Did I miss something? Maybe a one dollar bill, but a 100?? hehe..

  129. Anonymous says:

    Awesome these are really cool and funny. They're not as funny as the stuff over at but they are much more useful and not as dumb but still funny!

  130. Anonymous says:

    I hate myself for reading all of these...
    I never learn :(

  131. Anonymous says:

    the purpose of the money shredding clock is that you have to hit the snooze button or the clock will shred the cash.

  132. Anonymous says:

    this is pretty cool wish there were more pics thought

  133. Anonymous says:

    FUCKING!!!!!!!!! GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Anonymous says:

    I like dongs, chodes are nice too, but often a but salty

  135. Anonymous says:

    You know-it helped someone! Be grateful for that at least - golly!

  136. Anonymous says:

    fucking awesome comments

  137. Anonymous says:

    The guy at the top, if you're sad, just hit a blunt. Everyone else, just hit a blunt. Anyone gotta blunt?

  138. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I need approval, that's depressing. If it gets approved, woo, if not, I won't be here to check it out (N words).

  139. Anonymous says:

    holy cow! that chess set is the coolest thing ive ever seen!

  140. Anonymous says:


  141. Anonymous says:

    kick ass inventions... i like the pillow you stick your head in,the wine bomb,and the scooter-baby stroller.

  142. Anonymous says:


  143. Anonymous says:

    ...I too just read every comment. Depressed again

  144. Anonymous says:

    amazing!!!!!!!! i wanted allmost all

  145. Anonymous says:


  146. breland6 says:

    Very creative,ingenious,I loved and want the Chess set. Thank you!

  147. Anonymous says:

    so i read all of the comments to find out where to get this shit and all i got was a) the page corner bookmarks: b) the yellow mattress: and c) that weird head pillow thing: oh and i also learned a valuable lesson about spelling

  148. Anonymous says:

    Some link on where to buy these might be a good idea

  149. Lynda :-) says:

    Dear Anonymous, Sorry you are sad, I just hope that all these people kindly replying to your sad state of mind has cheered you up. Try to look on the bright side and remember, tomorrow is always another day. Best Wishes, a Friend :-)

  150. zzTss says:

    Stop making fun of his spelling you immature buffoons.

  151. Wow, these designs are awesome!
    How many of them are actually in production? Most look like prototypes :(

  152. Anonymous says:

    Everything about this page is fuckin retarded.....

  153. You know those censred eyes glasses? They make them for your boobies too. o.0

    I hav that 100$ clock, It doesn't shred REAL dollars, but it could.

    If you have gotten to the point where you are reading this comment, you must be really bored.

  154. Anonymous says:

    I loved that pillow to sleep on the table ;o

  155. Anonymous says:

    I wish there were labels on these pictures. I have no idea what some of these things are. Like the clock thing-- is it SHREDDING the $100 bills?!

  156. Anonymous says:


  157. Anonymous says:

    how do you breath in the sleepy head pod thing?

  158. Anonymous says:


  159. Anonymous says:


  160. Anonymous says:


  161. Anonymous says:

    theze ar weally gweat motivashnl stuff! dis sho's dat a prsn's innovative thinkin cn nvr be challengd.... lovd it:)

  162. Anonymous says:

    ^Learn to spell!

  163. Dave Bohr says:

    Great photos keep it up!

  164. Anonymous says:

    can you actually purchase these things?!

  165. "Half way through scrolling down comments I'm always so dissapointed in myself for reading them at all. And now I've written one! I feel better knowing that if you, you sad bastard, have gotten this far then you are equally as bad as,if not worse than, I am. Hey, nobody has compared anyone to a nazi yet..."

    You read my thoughts, and posted eight whole months before I stumbled upon this page... You must be a Nazi. :)


  166. Btw, the wood piece dresser is awesome... only I want an original, and made with real wood, b/c that shit looks fake.

  167. Anonymous says:

    Learn to spell, guy from 9 months ago!!!

    ...THAT'll teach him!

  168. clarissa says:

    Hey, let's all take the comment that's obviously someone trolling seriously.

  169. Anonymous says:

    I love this site! I want a bed like the one that lets your arms and feet go between parts so they don't go to sleep. And yes by all means learn to spell and use your spell check or look at it before you publish it.

  170. These are really awesome my jaw is dropping :P

  171. awesome n visit my awesome website

  172. Anonymous says:


  173. Anonymous says:

    Reading these comments, one can tell who the /b/rothers are that understand the first commenter's bad grammar as a joke. What's pretty awful are the people who think they're hilarious when they say something about it, but all they are doing is telling mom jokes (jokes moms tell when they think they are being funny, sometimes it's even hard to tell they are telling jokes).

  174. sekhar says:

    one of the best creation by human being its better to be here and learn something rather then wasting time in other websites:)

  175. Anonymous says:

    wow, that is all I have to say.

  176. Anonymous says:

    yeah..soo.. that bike backpack is pretty cool..

  177. Anonymous says:

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  178. That "Do not forget" hanger gave me an idea... Hmmm....

  179. That little boy in that hat is so adorable. Bless his heart!

  180. Anonymous says:

    My favorite invention was the bike-pack! Perfect for athletes and adventurers!

  181. james says:

    I love the bike-pack, and the baby cart. and if you really like them, can buy it on Taobao agent:

  182. Anonymous says:

    Im not gonna say you helped my life but I like how different everything is on this page, its awesome very creative =}

  183. tadchem says:

    I absolutely MUST have those sunglasses for my election year protest rallies!

  184. Anonymous says:

    You must have a shitty life to sit here an pick a part a comment that somebody wrote.. Wtf

  185. all of these are awesome!just like me

  186. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the person that said someone has a shitty life. How sad that these pictures are so cool and the only thing some poeple commented on is someones spelling.

  187. Anonymous says:

    This comment made me sad.

  188. Anonymous says:

    I disagree. Who actually takes the time to spell everything that wrong?

  189. Anonymous says:

    You suck!!!!

  190. Anonymous says:

    woah there...thats way too advanced....

  191. Anonymous says:

    hahahaha its not toilet paper....

  192. Anonymous says:

    i have the weirdest boner right now...

  193. Anonymous says:

    Not you, so get over it.

  194. Anonymous says:

    Awesome stuff

  195. Anonymous says:


  196. Anonymous says:

    just.... wow....

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