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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Novarka: Encasing the unsafe Chernobyl reactor in a huge new arch

This animation shows Novarka (new arch), an international project to confine the unsafe sarcophagus of Chernobyl's reactor number four. It will be the biggest construction of its kind in the world


  1. ya, whatever. with help from "VINCI blabla bullshit" the world will be safe again, cuz Eastern Europe is freaking dead.

  2. Bruce Comment:
    23 Apr 11
    Just amazing - the video was very realistic

  3. amazing and genius engineering!

  4. Bechtel was part of the engineering of this concept, extremely innovative design. Modern technology like this is also being used to build new nuclear plants, modular construction is the new era,the Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear station is a good example of this type of construction. Check out the Westinghouse website to learn more about the AP1000 and modular construction.

    E.K. "Willie" Williams

  5. Make sure that the arch structure is build out of lead so the radiation doesn't come out. It's gonna be pretty heavy then! By the way - when I was watching this vid I saw lots of advertising and nothing about radiation. In USA for example engineers remove whole big house to a new place (nothing about radiation - just moving a big structure to a new place) - so there is absolutely nothing new about "engineering". Success in getting money from Ukrainians (or any other source) for this $$$ project.

  6. Good technology,hope everything goes as planned.

  7. Uh, great, that helps the moribund liquidators...


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