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Friday, May 27, 2016

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How To Ask A Redskins’ Cheerleader To Prom (9 pics)

Stephen Bieber from Maryland texted Christa Aiken on her Instagram asking her what he had to do to get her to go to prom with him. She said it would take only 10K retweets. Well, the boy delivered.
With the help of NFL players Terrance Knighton and Antonio Cromartie, who both retweeted for him, Bieber reached the 10k goal and Aiken kept her word. The two rolled into prom in style.

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What Are Your Odds Of Dying From...?(19 pics)

National Safety Council published a list about our odds of death from different causes. These odds are statistical averages over the whole population of the USA and are affected by an individual’s activities, occupation, and where they live and drive, among other things.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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Brave Women Who Fight Against ISIS (16 pics)

Kurdish and Yezidi women formed a paramilitary battalion in 2014 trying to protect their land against ISIS and they still do. They are ready for anything to protect their loved ones.

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Cozy Beautiful Houseboat In Amsterdam Can Be Rented For Your Enjoyment (19 pics)

A canal barge named the Charlotte Johanna was transporting freight since 1908 in Western Europe along the inland waterways and a century later was converted into a beautiful houseboat. It is now moored in central Amsterdam.
Some modifications were made so that the below-deck space was filled with light. It has everything you need for a comfortable living even though the space is limited.

There is a lounge, a kitchen with its dining space, a bedroom that is located in what was the captain’s cabin at the boat’s stern and the master bedroom cabin at the bow. A new deck was added topside making a great spot to relax and for coffee time. You can rent it on airbnb for $318 per night.

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